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Pick Your Own Fruit

Pick Your Own Fruit

The fruit fields are now closed for 2016

Posted 26th August 4pm

The pick your own fruit fields are now closed.  We will look again to see if there is anymore fruit on Tuesday 30th August

Posted 25th August

We now how very limited strawberries left to pick.

Posted 22nd August

There is a limited amount of strawberries to pick.

Posted 19th August

Don’t forget we will be opening the pick your own strawberry fields tomorrow.  And why not make a day of it as we have bouncy castles, fun fair rides, pony rides and face painting for the children between 10.30am & 5pm.


Posted 18th August

After a very busy two days of picking the pick your own fields will now be closed until Saturday

Posted 17th August

There is a limited amount of strawberries to pick today but no raspberries

Posted 16th  August

There is a limited amount of strawberries to pick today but no raspberries


Posted 15th August

We are open for strawberries and there are also limited Raspberries

Posted 11th August

We are closing the fruit fields tonight (Thursday) for approximately one week to allow the remaining fruit to ripen.

Posted 10th August

We have limited strawberries and raspberries to pick.  The gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants are now finished.

Posted 9th August

We are still hoping to open the fruit fields tomorrow but please check this page in the morning after 8.30am to get a definite answer

Posted 8th August

After a very busy weekend  the fruit fields will be closed until Wednesday to allow the fruit to ripen.

Posted 7th August

After a very busy day yesterday the fruit is now limited.

Posted 4th August

The PYO has been increasingly popular due to the good weather. Our strawberry crop has been amazing and we’ve grown an extra 10,000 plants this year which we hoped would be sufficient to keep our visitors happy. However our visiitors have exceeded all our expectations and although we have a further block opening today and three more on Friday we may not have many strawberries left by next week. Please be considerate to our staff they are doing their best.

The Raspberries will also be ready to pick on Friday aswell as the gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants

Posted 2nd August

The Strawberry and Raspberry fields are closed.  We hope the next crop will be ready to be opened on Thursday

Posted 1st August

 After another busy weekend we have no strawberries or raspberries ripe enough to pick until the end of the week. We do still have gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants available.

Posted 29th July

We have now opened another block of PYO strawberries so there are lots to be picked aswell raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries.

Pick Your Own Fruit


Posted 18th July

Raspberries fields are now open

We now have strawberries, gooseberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and raspberries to pick your own.


Posted 13th July

Redcurrant & Blackcurrant fields are now open.



Posted 6th July

We have  fields of delicious strawberries to pick your own aswell as gooseberries.  We hope that the currants will be ready in a couple of weeks and the raspberries by the end of July.




Posted 20th June

Aswell as Strawberries the Pick Your Own Gooseberres are now ready



Posted 16th June

The Strawberry Pick Your Own fields will be open from Saturday 18th June.  The Gooseberries will follow shortly.

Our Pick Your Own Fields provide the facility for you to pick fruit which you then buy before eating or taking home. We do not allow eating of fruit, or picnics as you walk around the farm. We provide baskets into which you can put the produce you pick. This is then weighed at our tills and you pay based on the kilogram charge of the respective fruit.
Strawberries June – September    £4.35/kg (£1.98/lb)
Gooseberries June – July     £3.07/kg (£1.40/lb)
Raspberries July – October    £5.19/kg (£2.36/lb)                                                                                                   Backberries July – October    £4.23/kg (£1.92/lb)
Redcurrants July – August     £3.49/kg (£1.59/lb)
Blackcurrants July – August    £3.49/kg (£1.59/lb)
Plums September

Please note that no bags or any other large personnal belongings are allowed into the picking fields

As we are a food premises unfortunately we do not allow dogs except for guide dogs .Your most welcome to use our grassed car park for dog walking

Last entry into the Pick Your Own fields is 5pm.

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