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Creel Fish Club

Creel Fish Club

Brocksbushes Farm Shop on board with Creel Club

We’re delighted to be welcoming Brocksbushes Farm Shop at Corbridge on board as our latest new hub. Brocksbushes will be a great pick-up point for new members from around Corbridge and Hexham due to its location. The team at Brocksbushes are excited about casting their net more widely to bring our fish boxes into their excellent food offer. What could be better during summer than grilled mackerel with Brocksbushes own Gooseberries for a sauce or wild Amble Salmon with Brocksbushes asparagus? Delicious! You can sign up for Creel Fish Club picking up from Brocksbushes from today! Simply log onto www.creelfishclub.co.uk and choose Brocksbushes Farm Shop as your pick-up point.

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